Canna Capsules No.5

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  • Pain management & healing from the gut
  • Improves short-term memory
  • Capsules are used for micro-dosing
  • Slow release into the gut
  • Starts the healing process for 1200 conditions

Strengths #1 through to #20 (#15 to #20 ~ recreational/addicts)

  • Generally strength #3 is recommended for very toxic person, anyone sensitive to intake, the elderly & children
  • Strength #5 to match current medication, help with sleep problems & IBS
  • Capsules must be kept in the fridge during summer
  • Capsules to be consumed at room temperature
  • AFTER breakfast / AFTER dinner (before 20h00)
  • NO hot drinks/shower/bath for 30 mins before or after taking capsules
  • Those suffering from ulcers or digestive problems can take capsules before meals


  • The Indica plant works with the body, helping with pain and sleep
  • Stimulates CB2 (gut)


  • The Sativa plant works with the mind
  • It’s great for focus, clarity, concentration, creativity
  • Stimulates CB1 (brain)
  • A blend of Indica/Sativa is used for Canna Capsules
  • Will help to balance mind & body
  • The 9 different strains used are rotated every month to ensure effectiveness